Boot menu does not show Windows 7

Hi. I am dualbooting with Windows 7 and XP. Windows 7 was installed first. Bcdeasy was installed in windows 7 and it worked. Then I dropped windows 7 for a while and changed the bootmenu to go straight into xp. Now I want to dual boot again. I did 'edit boot menu' to add windows 7. I added the entry and indicated on what drive windows 7 was. The view settings show both entries and where the bootloader for windows 7 is. I also did 'BCD deployment' Install the windows Vista/7 bootloader to MBR and clicked on 'write MBR'. But when I reboot, it only shows XP. What am I missing? Thanks in advance for your help or ideas.


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Don't play about with the MBR. You just undid everything that went before.
Add the W7 entry.
That's all.