Boot Menu for BCDedit


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I recently installed bcdedit 2.0.2 on an XP installation that has Windows 7 on it as well. I am trying to get my dual boot menu up and working. The first thing I noticed is that instead of acknowledging Windows XP for the boot-able drive it calls it Windows 7. I added Windows 7 to the boot-able drive by going to "Add New Entry" and and selecting windows 7 on the C: partition which is where it is, and then going to "Bootloader Setup" and clicking "install the windows 7 bootloader to the MBR" When i reboot I do get the windows boot menu but the options are for Windows 7 (which should be XP) and Microsoft Windows 7 as the second version. When I click on Windows 7 which should be XP it tells me that there is a problem and I need to install the windows xp repair disk, Doing this takes me right back to the same place. Now the Microsoft Windows 7 menu boots just fine into windows 7, but how do I fix it so I can move between XP and Windows 7. Cheers and thanks for the help!

When you add an entry for XP, remember to select XP from the dropdown system type.
It sounds like you just keep adding W7 entries.