Boot Menu - How delete start up programs not identified by BCD?

I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and while doing so aborted an install of Windows XP. In my startup boot there are 3 programs shown as options. Windows 7, Microsoft Recovery Console, and Set Up for Windows XP installation. BCD does not see the MRC or Windows XP programs so I can not delete them from there. The highlight for Start Up is set for the Windows XP installation, therefore eevrytime I start up the computer I need to move the highlight to Windows 7. I have tried selecting "skipping the boot menu option" in BCD, but it still goes through the boot selection window and stays highlighting the Windows XP installation. I just want Windows 7 as the sole option and delete the other two, but I don't know how. Any help would be appreciated.


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Which build of EasyBCD are you using (help > about) and is there a file path visible under tools > options in the "automatically load...." field ?


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These look like boot.ini entries. Try EasyBCD | Tools | Edit Legacy Entries