Boot Menu Not Hidden w/ Single Entry BCD

I have XP installed on one drive and Win 7 installed on a new, separate SSD. The Win 7 install put Windows dual boot on the XP drive. However, I prefer to use the BIOS boot menu to select between the two system.

From Win 7, I created a BCD on its drive and added only Win 7 to it. This works AOK and thank you very much.

Then I used EasyBCD on XP to remove the entry for Win 7 from the XP BCD so the only entry in that BCD is the one for XP. From the doc, under Deleting Menu Entries, I had thought that if there is only entry, that the boot menu would be hidden and the system would automatically boot into the remaining OS. However, when I boot from the XP drive it displays a boot menu with just the XP system.

What would be the appropriate actions to take to have XP boot automatically?


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Just ticking the "skip the boot menu" box on the "edit boot menu" page should work if bootmgr still displays a pointless menu.

Thanks, "skip the boot menu" did the trick.

When I was making the change, I noticed that the XP entry was not checked as the default entry so I changed that also. As a result, I really don't know at this point which change made the difference. I'll remove the "skip" to see if that is relevant and post the results here. BTW, now that XP is listed as default, there does not seem to be a way to undo that change.


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You can't "undefault" a single choice because it would be meaningless. The sole choice is always the default implicitly even without an explicit entry.
I removed the "skip" and found that it is indeed relevant as it went back to displaying the boot menu with just the one item. So it appears that "skip" is the change that made the difference.

I've switched it back to "skip" and it's booting XP just fine w/o the pointless menu. :smile: