Boot MGR is missing


Windows Vista 64 bit Acer Aspire X3200

First let me say I am dummy level at fixing anything on the PC so need dummy replies with lots of details. Daughter's PC stopped working. Backup disk did not restore. They had made them on 19 CDs. I had no part in that but I think it was a complete backup of all her files. The Geeks at Best Buy said it was probably a hard drive failure. I don't have much confidence in what they say since they messed up one of my machines pretty bad. I decided to do some research and found that the error message could be caused from a number of things. The error message is:
AMD data change
update new data to DMI
Boot MGR is missing
Press Ctrl/alt/ del to restart.

I am able to get into the bios settings (del) but not the boot options.(F12) I have set the first boot to removeable and also to the CD/DVD. Neither option works.

I have downloaded your 64 bit recovery disk and I think I made a disk correctly using your instructions. I used a DVD rather than a CD. Not sure that was the right thing to do. I got no response from using the disk. Still the same error message. How do I tell if I am saving the downloaded file correctly so that it records a workablerecovery disk rather than just saving the downloaded onto a a disk?

I would like to try changing the hard drive just in cas,e but I cannot see a way to remove it without taking the entire PC apart. I have seen several post here that seem to have a this type of PC and wonder if someone could tell me if the hard drive can be removed without taking out the fan, CD/DVD player etc. As far as I can tell it is located under the DVD player and it looks like the DVD player has to come out to get to it. I have never removed a part from this small type cabinet so possibly I am missing something . Any help or idea from anyone one will be greatly appreciated.
I forgot to mention there are no OS disk so if I change the hard drive how would I get Vista installed on the new one with no disk?
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Hi Sue, welcome to NST.
You'll need to download the recovery disk .iso correctly, using a torrent client (such as "BitTorrent"). First you download the torrent from the NST site, then you add the torrent to a torrent client, and then use the torrent client to download the actual .iso image which you then burn to a CD with Imgburn, using the "burn image to disk" option.
Once you've got the disk, boot it by using the F12 option, and pressing a key when it tells you to press a key. Then go to "Repair My Computer", then "Startup Repair", and run that 3 times.

That should fix your "bootmgr missing" problem, at least.


I believe I followed all the steps correctly for down loading & burning the disk but not sure that I have the boot sequence set right. Should I have "removable" or the dvd player set as first boot? I have not been able to get any results at all from the F12 key. I have downloaded the file again and will make another disk just in case the first one is corrupted, and then try your suggestions. Thanks
You should set the DVD drive as first.
You can go into your BIOS (you said this is done with the Del key in your case), and find something called either "Boot sequence" or "boot order", or something like that. Then in that section, you should be able to move the DVD drive (or whatever your particular BIOS calls it) entry up all the way to the top. Then insert the disk, and save the changes and exit the BIOS, then press a key when it tells you to, and you should boot from the disk (if you downloaded and burned correctly, that is).
After sitting all night the disk worked and started to load Vista. I got a new error message:
PRESS CTR ALT DEL to restart.

I am wondering since it tried to work after sitting all night if the cooling system has gone bad and could be causing the problem. I am letting it rest again and then will try again. I got to the option of choosing a language then it gave me a screen what to know before installing and offered to repair. I chose that option and the next message said it found errors, then it went to the error message. The fan seems to run steady except when it powers up for the CD player then as it powers back down I think I may be hearing a small noise that does not belong. When my Daughter brought the PC to me I opened the case and found a solid carpet of dust bunnies completely blocking the cooling system. At least I do know now that I created the disk correctly.