Boot option vanished after editing grub file (Vista and Ubuntu 10.04 dual boot)


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I am using EasyBCD 2.0.2

Laptop has Windows Vista.
Installed Ubuntu 10.04 on a separate secondary partition.

dual boot worked fine on several reboots. I was able to get into Windows Vista on several boots.

then I edited my grub file per instructions at: Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki to set timeout to zero seconds.

After that, I have no boot option. Computer boots directly to Ubuntu.

How do I get back to Windows?

One comment:
This Dell laptop has a Recovery partition. The only option in the initial Grub 2 menu was something like Recovery....(loader) so I selected that as my choice for Vista. There was no other option for Vista in the grub menu.



I rolled back the grub file change, updated grub and I can now reboot into Windows.
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Sounds like you installed Ubuntu without overriding the default and allowed grub to take over the boot process.
The instructions you quote are to remove the grub menu as a redundant second menu when you've left the MS bootmgr in control.
If grub is controlling your boot (it will be mentioned on the boot menu), then EasyBCD is redundant on your system. It's for configuring the BCD, and that's not what's booting the system.