Boot option, XP Pro and Windows 2003


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Hi, I am new to this forum but hope I'm in the right place.

I have just purchased a 500gb hard drive and ran Norton Ghost 12 on my original 100gb drive in order to have my system on the new drive.

All went well until I tryed to boot the new drive, it now gives me an option to boot Windows XP Pro or Windows 2003.

I would like to remove the Windows 2003 option and have my PC boot straight into XP Pro

Is this possible without reprograming my new drive. (I have also tryed my old drive to see if thats still ok but that also gives me the same option now)

Help please?
Alternatively you can go Start>run>msconfig in XP. there you will see the boot.ini tab. There you should be able to jsut remove the Server 2003 entry.