Boot Options with Win7 and Win XP

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Fine! I didn't ague with you guys about YOUR Software/Program at all! But what I didn't like is the turn my words in a different meaning. That's why I clarified several times the same points. Read the post which were answers to mine, compare them with mine and see the difference.

The whole thing I was talking about was the ability for to choose the Boot HDD wihtout the need of installation and the following configuration of a EXTRA Program, just HOW to use the already existing feature every computer carries in his BIOS!

If you guys didn't like that other way's would be posted than the features in your EasyBCD Program, you should exclude such comments and state that in your forum rules.

And if you guys didn't like that poster's clarify their post while misinterpreted from others, you should also amend your forum rules and prohibit such clarifications!

And last but not least: if you guys didn't like an open word, doesn't matter it's because of a clarification of an from you misinterpreted post, a answer to other way than YOUR program is using etc., just delete MY user account and ALL post I posted here on this Board!


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