boot problem after running recovery disk

I had the FBI Moneypak trojan on my computer several days ago. I got the trojan removed, but when I ran sfc scannow, it said I had corrupt registry files, so I purchased the Vista recovery disk to try to repair them, since my Dell laptop didn't come with any disks. I ran the recovery disk this morning. It said it repaired the problems, but after a restart Windows will not load at all. I get either an "operating system not found" error or a generic Windows screen with a log on prompt for "Other User" and nothing else. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Mak 2.0

Staff member
Our disks cant be used to fix a corrupted Registry. Our disks are only to fix boot problems. So yeah, you are going to have some issues to try and work through here. Cause your only option will be to try a Restore Point now to see if you can get to a point before you did the startup repair.