Boot Problem HELP!!!


Ok...I have gone through most of the fixes I saw on this forum and others on how to fix Vista not booting from the correct partition. I have used all the tools recommended by this forum and others to get this to work. What am I missing.

I have a HP PC, as usual, Recovery Partition (D) Volume Label (Recovery) and System/Boot Partition (C) Volume Label (COMPAQ). My Vista is switching the partition after boot.

What do I mean. When I boot into Vista, I cannot get to my desktop or run any program, all I see is a blue screen. I can browse the system using Task Manager and what I noticed is that my my C drive is now labeled Recovery and my D: Drive is now labeled COMPAQ . If I run BCDEDIT every thing form Windows it is pointing to D: as the partition. If I run BCDEDIT from Vista Recovery it's says the active partition is C: I have tried rebuilding bcd from scratch, not luck. I need help before I blow this PC away.