Boot Problem/Question

I am wondering if ya'll might be able to help as no one else has been able to help.

When I boot my computer, it takes 1-3 minutes for it to get to the POST test. This happened when I upgraded my power supply.

Any reason as to why?
The system boards saying "Hey, what the heck? Somethings changed". Its doing a complete POST, perfectly normal when the hardware configuration changes. Give it some time to complete. on future startup it should work much more quickly as you are used to.
I don't think it is doing that.

Reason I say that is because it's not doing a POST test. The 1-3 minutes is what it takes for anything to happen, including the POST test.

There is nothing on my screen, it's 100% black, no text, no nothing, it's light is amber/orange/yellow(whatever color you want to call it), meaning it's not receiving a signal from the computer.

The post test happens after those 1-3 minutes. I know there is a quick post, which my computer is set to do and then the non-quick post which obviously takes longer by just the name. But it's not that.

Not trying to sound rude, just trying to explain in more detail what it's doing.

Forgot to mention, this happens every boot up ever since the PSU change. Since then I have changed the Video Card. I have changed my HDDs but that happened before this long boot up process started.
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Check your BIOS to make sure its still setup for quick POST. Try resetting the BIOS to default settings. If there are still problems remove each new component 1by1 until the problem device can be found.