Boot Problem

Each time I turn on my computer for the first time of the day, it boots to a screen with Boot Bios (F10), Bios Settings (F2) and locks up. I turn the machine off, wait 10 seconds, and then re-boot and it boots up just fine. Same thing happens every day. Anyone have any ideas why this happens?

I can understand but at the same time doesnt mean that all the hardware is not flawed. :wink:

This is just a guess. Without the machine here i dont really know. I can only guess at what the problem could be.

I jsut say the CMOS battery cause it sounds like it is freezing at the BIOS screen which is controlled by the battery. After you power it up the power gets stored in the capacitors and then when you restart so fast they dont discharge and you get your BIOS settings saved and it boots. That is what i am guessing.

I could be totally wrong. Woudnt be the first time.

The CMOS battery is my best guess as well, as a continued loss of saved settings in CMOS would cause the machine to boot slowly each time it is cold booted in order to re-save current settings to CMOS. Try changing some of the settings in the BIOS. Then the next time you cold boot the machine, check to make sure they are still there. If not, it is the CMOS battery for sure.