Boot problem


Hi everyone,

I was looking on the web for a EasyBCD version compatible with linux and I came by accident on the forum (message of 2007) of neosmart technologies.
The reason I am looking for this version is because I need a bootpartition for win7 and linux.
I installed ubuntu next to my win7 and everything just worked fine, then I started to make a new partition for data and for that I earased a small boot partition (100MB) that takes care of booting my windows. STUPID GUY you think, I know it is...All my partitions are intact except that small one, but it is an important one.

I have no installation cd but everything is ginuine, what I can do now is acces ubuntu with usb without install it and i can also start Gparted - live to see my partitions. I still have the files of my bootpartition but maybe there were hidden files I missed to back-up or maybe you need to do special procedures to make that kind of partition and is this the reason it won't work anymore. I tried on different fora but people don't give me the right answer. I hoped someone could help me.

I would be sincerely gratefull because my software is not under guarantie (I just called the store) and then I need to pay for something that is MAYBE easy to fix.

I hope you will find the time to answer me, even if I will not like the answer. I just like computers and wanted to start learning different OS, but it turned out badly.
Sorry for my grammar if I made some mistakes. I am from Belgium so my English is not perfect.

Best regards
Thank you very much for the info. Now my computer is working just fine. I've made a bootable usb with the recovering files, fixed my bootpartition and now I've made a dualboot with easyBCD which is really EASY to use!

Thanks a lot