Boot problems after trying all the recovery options.

i have a HP Pavilion dv71135nr. It came with Vista installed (sorry - I HATE Vista!). There are 2 hard drives in my computer - a 250 gig w/Vista, and a 500 gig w/Windows 7, it was suggested that i upgrade my BIOS, I did from the HP site.
Now my computer will not boot. i come up with a blank - black page with a blinking curser in the left top side of my screen.
I have tried all the fixes I can find on the internet with no avail.
Is there any way to fix this without reinstalling my OS's, I don't want to lose my programs and information! Not Again!, I welcome and will try all suggestions, and please know that I have tried everything mentioned on the Recovery Console.
The only way my computer will boot now - is to hit the escape key and choose the boot option, and make it boot to the 2nd hard drive. Is there anyway that I can force my machine to automatically boot to the second drive (Windows 7), this is currently not an option in my BIOS. It only shows when i use the escape and F9 option on startup.
Thanks so much in advance for any suggestions and fixes.
my bios does not give that option. hp really fixed this to run only on vista.
I solved my problem by running Easy BCD 2.0.
Free program
idiot proof
worked like a charm!
Thanks anyway