boot record for Mac OS on HFS+ parition


Hi all,

I formatted an HFS+ partition and used iAtkos to install Mac OS on my HD. Now in Windows using EasyBCD, I have created a boot record for the Mac but the drive is set to C. When I try to change it my HFS+ partition is not listed. How do set a boot record for my mac partition?

You don't need to set the entry to point to the HFS partition. EasyBCD understands that Mac is installed to a different partition than the letter that shows.
I restarted after using easybcd and on the OS chooser only Windows 7 was listed :/ may be worth mentioning that, when rebooting after successfully installing iatkos, i get a "missing operating system" error message.

I have fixed the windows 7 boot sector and mac is still installed on a partition but I can't figure out how to access it. Any tips?
Sounds like you're booting from a different partition than the one Windows thinks you're booting from.

A screenshot of your disk layout (from Computer Management) won't hurt.
Hi, thanks for the help and sorry for the late reply. I reformatted the entire HD so the thread was no longer relevant. Got it to work using a fresh win 7 install, Kalyway 10.5.2 and kamaleon rc 4. Thanks for your help.