Boot Screen is to fast

I have three OS's Ubuntu, Win_XP, Win_7 and all are working just great.
I changed my default boot order so that Ubuntu was First and not last.

My problem I set the Default time to open to Default OS to zero?
I thought I had it at ten. Ya! know go get come glasses! :nerd:

I can get into Ubuntu just fine but EasyBCD was installed in Win_7 and I can't get to it?

Is there a function key or something that I can hold down on to get the screen to pause or perhaps some ini file that I can edit from Ubuntu to increase the time?


Thank you all for help.
How about using the chained grub to go back to Windows via the long route, and then set the timeout back again.
You should be able to interrupt grub and force its menu into view with "Esc"
Or boot your W7 DVD into command prompt and use the BCDedit /timeout command
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Sorry but i already figures it out.

I booted into Ubuntu and moved the Boot folder and Bootlog file to a safe location.
Next I let the system reboot and I was in Winxp.
With the Easybcd file out of the way the system booted straight inti XP using NTLR.

Next I moved the EasyBCD files back and installed EasyBCD again, from there I made my changes. I can now access all my Operation Systems.