boot through ISO image file


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hi there

i have been trying to boot ubuntu 10 on my laptop using an iso the easy bcd 2.02 has an option in "add new entry" menu,under portable / external media as iso boot.

now my problem is when i boot ubuntu with the newly created entry it starts booting but does not detects my hard disk,and freezes at its boot logo,i have tried BackTrack4 it also have the same problem and even windows 7 installation does not detect the hard disk.

but when i boot with the cd of same image file on same machine it works,so i don;tthink it is anydriver realated problem

the iso boot is very useful when we are not having cd dvd drives or booting with the live cds
so any buddy please evaluate the solution so that i can boot with live cds

Booting setup CDs usually causes problems. I recommend downloading a copy of netbootin to make a bootable USB of the setup CD.