Boot to blue screen of death help


my Dell studio 1537 laptop is set up to be duel boot and the XP portion is jumping to BSOD reading stop:c000021a logon process terminated
the OEM on the laptop is Vista and when i try to use the XP sp3 recovery console i an stopped with out the F8 option its only available when loading Vista.

my next step is to try to fix bootmgr or boot.ini or i386 possibly using Hirens boot cd 14.0 truly i am lost in the woods

any help would be great.

i have a 32 bit system :0) thank you all for being here

let me know how i can clarify :0)
XP extended boot menu is accessed by F8 as usual, but the timing is key.
You must select XP from the Vista menu and immediately start tapping F8 to interrupt the chain to NTLDR.
Do it earlier and your interrupt is processed by bootmgr not NTLDR and you get the Vista menu instead.
If you can attach some files from the Windows/minidump folder, I'd be glad to analyze them for you.

Be very careful what you do in the RC. It is XP, won't even recognize that Vista exists, and the boot commands and structure are very different.
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