Boot + VHD + HFS+ +NTFS?

Hi all, EasyBCD is really a cool program!!!

I'm using it right now to boot my MacOSX Lion, launching a *.iso able to detect HFS+ partitions. I did so because the old built-in macosx support (chameleon RC4 in the nst_mac.iso) doesn't support Lion (and it's not customizable). Even using the *.iso thing, I'm not able to have a personalized booting, however it just works pretty fine.

My idea was the create a virtual hard disk VHD and via virtual Lion install the new cham RC5 on it, so I think I would able to customize it. However I'm not that sure it could work and I'm not that expert to config things. That could work?


Mostly Harmless
Staff member
You would have to try and see, as it's fairly hit or miss.