Boot win XP and ImgBurn

Hi all,

I have followed the steps to create dual boot using EasyBCD. Originaly i had win 7 and i installed win xp on a different partition. However, when i reboot i dont get the boot menu and it loads the xp instead. What am i doing wrong?

Also, as i got HP pc and i dont have reovery cd with it, i dowloaded the win 7 recovery torrent ant tried to burn it using ImgBurn as recomended. Once again i followed the steps but unfortunately, ImgBurn cant find the .iso file???

The files included in the download are:


What am i doing wrong?


Sounds like you didn't do the step that was "rewrite the bootloader"

Bootloader Setup -> Write MBR
Did you install Vista/7 bootloader > wite MBR ? (not XP bootloader)
The ISO should not be processed in any way.
It is not a zipped file.
If it appears to be one, then your system is poorly configured.
You should have folder options set like this, and don't let winRAR or any other app grab the ISO file type.
Download the file and burn the whole thing with Imgburn.