Boot Windows 7 & 8 on two drive extermal eSATA enclosure

I have a Toshiba laptop. Linux is intalled on the new internal SSD drive. I moved Windows 7 (on a Toshibia OEM 2.5" SATA drive) and Windows 8 on a 2.5" SATA drive to a 3.5" external enclosure. When I set the laptop to boot to the eSATA drive is "sees" and boot the first drive (Windows 7). However, Windows 7 does not see the second drive (Windows 8) when it is running. EasyBCD also does not the the second drive with Windows 8 installed on it..

Grub2 on the internal drive can see both Windows drives, as can Linux if I turn on the enclosure while running Linux. What would be the reason for EasyBCD not seeing the second drive in the enxlosure? And can I edit the Windows 7 boot loader to run Windows 8 on the second drive when I boot to the external enclosure?