Boot with 2 XP installed



I have a 80 gb drive with 2 partitions, and have installed XP on both.

Reason is - I want to have 1 XP to use internet, with anti virus programs installed + another XP to edit video, and not have slowing down programs such as anti virus.

I am using EasyBCD version 2.0.2 - and I am able to add both boot entries, rename them XP1 and XP2, and save.

But on computer start - I dont get screen for choosing.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Justin,
Thank you for your reply.
I fully read all instructions, add both XP entries with their respective partition letters, but it just wont work.

I have another computer, that I have Vista and XP - and it works great.

But in this case, both OS being XP, I am missing something....

EasyBCD is an app for configuring the Vista/7 BCD.
If there is no BCD (XP only), then there's nothing for EasyBCD to do.
You need to edit another line into the OS section of XP's boot.ini describing the location of the other XP system.