Bootable ISO?


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Is it possible to create a customized bootable iso file with the help of the EasyBCD?

If I can manage to do something like that, I will use it to boot my VMware, which will eventually boot my Ubuntu which is installed on a physical partition.

Right now, I have win7 installed on my Disk0 Partition1 and Ubuntu installed on my Disk0 Partition3; which dual boot with no problems thru windows boot manager (thanks to EasyBCD).

I need an bootable ISO file where the windows boot manager only has option/configuration to boot the Ubuntu OS.

Is there anyway to copy all the files used by the windows boot manager to a folder somewhere else on my hard drive, edit it there with EasyBCD, without touching my current config, and finally create a bootable iso file from that folder?

Typically an ISO file is mounted on a virtual optical drive or you can actually see it written to a usb flash drive made bootable.

If this is another Linux distro for example that sees an install option from a live cd image you could first burn the image to disk and proceed to install it on a flash drive or consider installing it to a virtual drive instead.

A virtual hard drive can actually be added into the BCD store in order to setup a multiboot along with 7 and ubuntu. One other question to ask would be if EasyBCD could then be the tool used for that?
I see you just finished posting that one! When going to attach a new vhd project that should be a big help there. :wink:
That's what it is - it actually adds the ISO as a virtual disk, and proceeds to boot from it.

But most Linux operating systems have a "bug" that doesn't allow them to be installed from a virtual optical drive because they try to read the info from the BIOS directly and ignore the virtual drive.
I know that one well enough from numerous installs and attempts at custom installations as well. Despite all of the appearance changes, new programs, and advances with the main gui you still have to contend with the UNIX platform Linux is based on as hardwares are concerned.

The ability to see EasyBCD mount an iso is definitely a step forward and upwards there. :wink: That saves on the need for a program like Virtual CloneDrive since you add it in as a boot option.

But then when you look at any logical drive in any explorer window that's where the OS has mounted a partition in order to make it available. A vhd is nothing more basically then a file stored on the hard drive there.

This will be interesting to see how build 94 mounts the Mint 9 release just download as a new drive in order to get that running without any time spent on burning a live cd unpacking it to a usb flash, installing it to run from again a cd or from a virtual optical drive but simply add it as new virtual drive. :grinning: