Bootable Partition Editor


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Wonder is there any great utility for windows or fast bootable live cd that can alter the partition status to primary, active, hidden attributes.
Hi, Thanks again for ur prompt reply, I've tried the tool but don't know why it work so slow for me, wonder is it due to the graphic card I've chosen which is VESA IIRC that can seems let me load to the GUI.

While the slow appears only from the GUI onwards, searching for my partition take 2 - 3 mins, changing 1 HDD attributes take up 2 - 3 mins too.. Is it normal?
I think so, GParted has always been super-slow committing actions for me, too (though the GUI is fast enough).

I use and recommend Acronis Disk Director, but it isn't free.
Oic, my friend tried before and say fast too.. I think maybe UBCD have lots of free software bundle with it, I guess one of them might work but non-gui mode, thus that will be faster.. Hopefully won't get this problem usually or again so that I won't need to boot into and alter that settings :wink:
GPareted isnt that slow for me. It only takes about 1 minute or two to get loaded adn my partition found.

But i do like GParted and Acronis is good as well.