Booted recovery disc/ran startup repair in safe mode..


I have 32 bit windows vista on a dell inspirion. The other day i ran windows update and i believe it installed vista sp1 but im not positive. while windows update was doing that in the background i installed XNA framework redist 4. When windows update finished it restarted. Im not sure if all steps were completed but it was going slow.It never booted back into windows after that. Windows startup repair wouldnt run either, it just kept coming back to same screen. I booted off a recovery disc and ran startuo repair off that. It ran for a couple seconds then was finished. I looked and it sadid the boot manager was corrupt axnd it repaired the file. It restarted but still wouldnt boot. Now heres the thing. I believe I accidentally booted the recovery disc in safe mode ( says windows build 6000) on top. I ran startup repair and its been running for almost two hours and wont let me cancel, says current repair operation cannot be cancled. Ive read it can take a long time but im wondering if booting the recovery cd in safe mode and running startup repair is bad or will cause it to run indefinatly doing nothing or something like that. I cant hear the hard drive spinning or anything. Shiould i just keep letting it run? Ive heard preople say it has taken four days. Would it be start to force reboot and run startup repair normally? Sorry for typos etc. im typing this from my phone. Does running startup repair in safe mode have any effect? Would it be risky to force it to reboot and run it normally? Thanks for any help!
If you have a problem caused by Windows Update, it's the only time you can get free one-to-one support from Microsoft.
Follow the links from the Windows Update > Update History page for an email address.
Vista SP1 did cause a few problems (but that was a very long time ago, how come you're only just putting it on ?). There was an apparent crash at 99% complete (black screen, frozen keyboard/mouse), and those who rebooted immediately ended up with a borked system. Those of us that noticed that the I/O light was still flickering and waited till it stopped (and then some) before crossing fingers and hitting the reset button, got a working SP1.
Anyway, contact MS, and they should walk you through what you need to do.
This was originally my brothers laptop and I dn't think he bothered to let it install the updates. When I got it I was having problems getting wifi to work and that was the only connection avail. (Wifi prob was a simple setting that needed changing).

The update installed fine within windows but once it rebooted to finish the update before actually going back into windows was were it messed up.

Mainly I want to know if booting the recovery disc and running startup repair in safe mode is the same as booting it regularly and running startupbrepair. Does booting the recovery CD in safe mode effect how it works?

Btw startup repair is still running. Almost 24 hours now.
Safe mode is an option from the HDD extended boot menu. I'm not aware of any such option from a booted repair disk.
Until an SP has rebooted successfully the WUD isn't complete, that's why they put the big "Do not turn off your computer !" warning.
So it did fail during WUD, and you'll get your free support.