Booted the gnome3 disk in Windows 7 now I have a 250G partition I can't remove ..!


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As it says in the subject I now have two efi partitions on drive C: and try as I might to kill it I am just not having any luck whatsoever.<br>
I thought I would give easybcd a try and see if that would be of use somehow ?<br>
But nada.<br>
What I did was boot the gnome3 distro from here. <a href="" target="_blank">Getting GNOME | GNOME</a><br>
Anyway ... now I am fried .... <br>
As it happened it didn't even work on this hardware for some reason.<br>
I am running a normal I7 asus Motherboard with Win7 Pro 64bit.<br>
Steps I have tried are.<br>
Using the win7 disk in rescue mode but that comes up with a "This version is not compatible".<br>
So I burned a new one using win7 itself ... that came up with the same error ? WTF ? (could it be a service pack not going across to the new media ?)<br>
I thought I would try easybcd next .... <br>
But that worked, but only once ... it came up ... looked all pretty I pressed cancel and it went nicely away.<br>
When I run it .... it comes up with an ugly screen that looks like this.<br>
<a href="" data-cke-saved-href=""></a><br>
I can't even get that screen to go away unless I go into task manager and kill it.<br>
I uninstalled and reinstalled easyBCD to see if it would fix it .. but no banana.<br>
BTW I tried all the usual stuff in disk manager to see If I could get the partition to go away but it's protected better than a load of <br>
So .. I am a bit stuck here ... what do you think I should try next ?<br>
My operating systems is working fine but I have a big chunk of hard disk space missing.<br>
This is frustrating !!!! <img src="images/mt_smilies/sad.gif" alt="" title="Sad" smilieid="36" class="inlineimg" border="0">