Booting each distro with their own GRUB2, is it possible?

Hi, I have been looking for a way in which I can independently boot each operating system with their own grub2 bootloader installed on their own partition. I have 4 operating systems installed on my computer, Fedora 17, Ubuntu, Arch Linux and Windows. I have included grub2 bootloader for each distro on their own partition. I used EasyBCD to create each category on the MBR so it pops up something like this:


What I am trying to do is to boot with the Windows MBR first then for example I chose Ubuntu; I expect the Ubuntu's purple grub2 bootloader would come up instead of something else's, the problem is I can't seem to point the correct path/partition of where the specific bootloader is installed when I am adding entries


Fedora's /path/sda7
Ubuntu /path/sda5
Arch /path/sda8

Any ideas? I would highly appreciate it. Thanks
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