Booting ERD Commander ISO


Using EasyBCD 2.0.2 Im trying to add an ISO entry for ERD Commander, the entry is created ok with the bootloder path \NSTAutoNeoGrub0.mbr and that file created in the NST folder.

When I then reboot and select this entry I get a screen which says Grub4Dos 0.4.5b with text saying Minimal BASH like line editing is supported.... etc. Then a new line is displayed saying GRUB> with a blinking curser.

Im lost at this point so any help would be much appreciated.

ERD Commander boots fine from CD, the .iso was created using Imgburn
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For anyone else who may have a similar problem, this issue is now resolved.

Originally I was trying to boot ERD Commander 2007 from Hard Disk 3 Partition 1 where I keep a copy of boot files as a back up option. Both Win 7 and XP would boot ok from here plus the the Winre.wim I added. ERD failed until I copied the ISO file to the main system boot partition and had Easybcd point to this entry, it now boots fine. The NST files are still on Disk 3.
Yeah, there are some incompatibilities with certain disk layouts in the NeoGrub module... we're working on getting them fixed.