Booting from Windows 7 Bootloader directly to Vista?


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I currently have 3 operating systems installed successfully on my computer.

When I installed Vista, I installed it onto a logical partition with a primary/active partition with the NTFS file-system which held the boot-files. As Vista needs a primary & active partition as a place to install its bootloader, when installing Vista to a logical partition.

Now that I wanted to install Windows 7 (3rd OS to install) I deleted the Primary Active NTFS partition we were talking of earlier.

Then I created a new one (100GB), and installed Windows 7 to it. (primary, active, NTFS)

Now I've got 3 operating systems installed: Mac OS X Leopard, Windows Vista & Windows 7.

After adding Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard to Windows 7's Bootloader, using EasyBCD, I restarted my computer.

When the BCD loaded on the screen only two appeared to choose from. Windows 7 and Mac OS X Leopard. (Windows Vista was missing)

Tested both, they work perfectly. :joy:

Please tell me what to do in order to be able to 'add' Windows Vista to Windows 7s bootloader.

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PS: When booting back into Windows 7, I opened EasyBCD again. It held all 3 entries for all 3 Operating Systems which I have installed. >.<
If you boot from Vista's DVD/recovery disc from this site and do startup repair it should properly add in a new entry for you. It shouldn't affect the Win 7 boot but if it does boot from Win 7's dvd and do the same.

I'll give that a go.

1st I'll boot from the Vista boot disc, and see what I can repair (via CMD and normal).

2nd I'll boot from the Windows 7 boot disc, and see what I can repair (both via CMD and normally)

Thanks, let's hope this will work!




I booted from the Vista bootCD, clicked repair, it took a while, though finally found some stuff... on it's own. I let it fix it then it rebooted, now everything works!

Thanks everyone for your help,

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