Booting Hardy Heron with NeoGrub


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Howdy. I'm trying to use NeoGrub to boot into Hardy Heron, but, as you might guess by my admission of being an absolute beginner, things aren't going quite as planned.

However, I do think I might have the savvy to know what the problem is...I merely need help fixing it.

Here reads the NeoGrub boot information for Hardy:

"#This is the only entry
title Booting Ubuntu Linux (Skip Notification: "Enter")...
root (hd0,1) #Load Ubuntu from the 1st hard disk's 2nd partition.
#Next Line: Translate (hd0,1) to Linux notation and set that as the root partition
kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic root=/dev/sdbc
initrd /boot/initrd.img-2.6.22-14-generic
#End Ubuntu entry"

Here's the deal...I'm going to guess, right off the top of my head, that the kernel and initrd locations are dead wrong. This guess stems from the fact that I get "Error 17: File not found" every time NeoGrub tries to load the kernel. "If you know this," you might scoff, "then what's the problem?"

Well, I, being an idiot, have no idea whatsoever as to the correct locations, and therefore am presently in a deadlock with my computer.

As a point of interest, EasyBCD has had no troubles helping me boot XP or Vista...but I really want to take Hardy for a spin, and in that spirit hope somebody here will be able to help me.

Whaddaya say?

Olly, welcome to NST.

Sounds like you have the wrong drive there... or the wrong path.
Assuming the "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.22-14-generic" is correct, then the problem is with the (hd0,1)

(hd0,1) is not equal to /dev/sdbc - that would be (hd1,2)
Hi Olly

I have a triple boot system running Vista/XP/Hardy Heron, so I have experience of getting this up and running.

You are not specific as to where exactly you put Hardy Heron - was it to a primary partition or an extended? If you already have Vista & XP installed, how did you install Hardy Heron?

If you are not sure of your drive numbers, get a copy of GParted, and boot it when you start your PC and take a look and write them down.

To get the iso for the live cd go to:

I also suggest that once you have Hardy Heron up and running that you move to HnS. The key thing is make a copy of your Ubuntu menu onto your Vista/XP system and then once HnS is installed, you can edit it's menu and copy the appropriate entries into it. It makes for a very neat boot manager.

See link below for the thread where I asked for help and then read on how I was helped through from the posts following those. CG and the guys helped me through my set-up and my system now works fine!

Hope this helps you get to your system up and running.

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You sound a bit confused as to where Ubuntu is installed. Did you install it on the same hard drive Vista/XP are on? Unless you planned it that way and kept partition 1 open, then XP is most likely the first partition, Vista the second, and Ubuntu the third.

If not, this is a common problem many users with multiple disks in thier systems face. The BIOS, your OSes, and the live CD in which you installed Ubuntu may all see the layout of your system differently. It is a matter of changing the x in (hdx,y) to a different number (Most likely 1 or 2) until you can find the right one. The y parameter is typically always correct however, as regardless of how the disks were numbered, the partition in which Ubuntu was installed on well always be the same.
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