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Hi all,

Some time ago, I successfully installed OS X Tiger and had it dual booting with my existing installation of Vista. Both operating systems were installed on different drives.

I wanted to experiment with Leopard and bring the two operating systems onto one disk, but on different partitions. I created three partitions on one drive. 1st for Vista, 2nd for Leopard, and a 3rd I was intending for XP!

I successfully installed Leopard on the 2nd partition and was able to boot into it with the DVD in the drive. Once I took out the DVD, I was left with the message 'missing operating system'. Hmmmmm.

I re-installed Vista and used the very simple and excellent EasyBCD to create a dual boot for Vista and OS X. Now I can boot boot into Vista and OS X, but sadly, the wrong OS X! It boots into Tiger, not Leopard.

Does anyone know how what I can do to edit the system to boot into the OS X of my choice? Amonngst other attempts, I tried using 'HFS+ Partition Error' in EasyBCD and changed the partition number, but this did not work.

I have been wading my way through the information on this forum and Google but have not yet found a solution.

Thanks for any help I might receive!



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Hello Helix welcoem to NST.

Sadly this is a known issue with Leopard.

OS X Dual-Boot Problems - The NeoSmart Forums

As noted by Mahmoud there is something going on with the Leopard Boot Loader that is not working correctly with EasyBCD. So sadly at this time there is no solution.


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Thanks for the update.

This problem is a shame. As I mentioned, it does boot into os x, but into Tiger, not Leopard.

I shall continue searching, but if any one knows of any ways around my problem, even if it means a more difficult approach than using EasyBCD, then please let me know!




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We're working on a solution ATM, discussing it with some of the biggest names in the OS X community as a matter of fact.....

Until now, only solution would be to lose the Tiger partition. And even then, no guarantees.