Booting into the correct OS X


Hi all,

Some time ago, I successfully installed OS X Tiger and had it dual booting with my existing installation of Vista. Both operating systems were installed on different drives.

I wanted to experiment with Leopard and bring the two operating systems onto one disk, but on different partitions. I created three partitions on one drive. 1st for Vista, 2nd for Leopard, and a 3rd I was intending for XP!

I successfully installed Leopard on the 2nd partition and was able to boot into it with the DVD in the drive. Once I took out the DVD, I was left with the message 'missing operating system'. Hmmmmm.

I re-installed Vista and used the very simple and excellent EasyBCD to create a dual boot for Vista and OS X. Now I can boot boot into Vista and OS X, but sadly, the wrong OS X! It boots into Tiger, not Leopard.

Does anyone know how what I can do to edit the system to boot into the OS X of my choice? Amonngst other attempts, I tried using 'HFS+ Partition Error' in EasyBCD and changed the partition number, but this did not work.

I have been wading my way through the information on this forum and Google but have not yet found a solution.

Thanks for any help I might receive!

Thanks for the update.

This problem is a shame. As I mentioned, it does boot into os x, but into Tiger, not Leopard.

I shall continue searching, but if any one knows of any ways around my problem, even if it means a more difficult approach than using EasyBCD, then please let me know!


We're working on a solution ATM, discussing it with some of the biggest names in the OS X community as a matter of fact.....

Until now, only solution would be to lose the Tiger partition. And even then, no guarantees.