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I have gone around the bend on getting my Vista/Ubuntu dual boot to operate. Vista boots fine. Using EasyBCD (I do wish it was easy!) I tried to get Ubuntu to boot - no luck. I get the 4 line error message about "...can't boot from harddrive". So GRUB is not installed correctly. My problem is trying to define to E/BCD where the Linux partition is. On my HP laptop, I have two 80Gb HDDs, 1 and 2. Vista is on disk 1 (C:smile: in first partition, Ubuntu is on Disk 2 in first partition. Therefore, I assume I tell Ubuntu to load into (hd1,0). However when I look for it in E/BCD it shows my ext3 partition as partition #4. My reading says use NeoGrub. I set it up for configuration in menu.lst, but it doesn't do anything for my situation until I configure it correctly- what commands do I use? I have a lot of confusion about Windows disk drive/partition designation, and Linux designation - not the same it appears. You show several menu.list samples but I need to tweak them to my actual configuration. Any help here would be greatly appreciated so I can get on with it. (Sorry, this may be duplicated as I added the email notification).


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