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Simple question: can I use EasyBCD to boot my XP, W7 and Linuxes (SuSE, Ubuntu) on a PC without monitor, keyboard and mouse? (of course the OSs are configured, working and managed remotely with RDesktop or VNC)

I tried to use GRUB as a multiboot manager with native W7 bootmanager but I can't choose the required OS (XP or W7) from the menu. I know I can use EasyBCD but it is an unnecessary boot if I want the not activated Windows. I'd like direct boot possibilities.

can I use EasyBCD to boot my XP, W7 and Linuxes (SuSE, Ubuntu) on a PC without monitor, keyboard and mouse?

Nope, but you can use EasyBCD to configure the boot between XP, W7, and Linux, since its not the bootloader only a configuration editor for the bootloader.

Only way this would work is you're able to connect remotely from all OSes and have iReboot installed in XP and W7, where you'll reboot if the default OS isn't what you wanted. One of your Windows OSes well need to be the default.

No way of remotely selecting from the menu, unless you want to go the virtualization route using some of VMWare's products.
I set up a test environment in Vbox with XP, W7 and Ubuntu.
I will test some alternative technique (stand alone W7 install).

I think GRUB+EasyBCD for Windows work for me until I can't setup the
only one partition for all Windows without multiboot


Tonight I have to make bootable my W7 because I can't boot it. I did something wrong.
Maybe it will successful ...
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Keep in mind EasyBCD/iReboot works on Windows bootloader configuration, not grubs bootloader configuration.
OK, thanks.

Could you help me restore my W7 which doesn't boot?
I used the W7 DVD without success.

I've got a working XP SP3. I don't know what is the problem.
Maybe I did too many test with the booting configuration.

Can I use EasyBCD for repair my W7?
Make sure you have EasyBCD 2.0.1 and .NET Framework 2.0 SP1 installed.
It is installed and working.

In XP, follow these steps:
(starting from Setting Up the Dual-Boot)
I will revise the URL.
I think I will have some questions.



When I added a new XP entry according to your description I got an error message:
(it is in Hungarian but I try to translate back to English)
"The system can't reserve the wanted place in the registry." or something like that.

I've got a picture which was taken when the error occured. Where can I put it?

Now I'm going to reboot ...



Now I'm going to reboot ...
The reboot wasn't successfull.

I had to put in my SuSE 11.2 install DVD and repair GRUB for starting XP.

My Windows (XP+W7) dualboot menu disappeared. XP started directly from the GRUB menu.

I don't know what is the problem. :frowning:

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