booting problem after erased win7 with BCD


whom it may concern

I played with my friend computer because ther is little problem i can fix it by the way after fixed that problem with XP pro i installed win 7 but win 7 required at least 20G of hard space, my friend one is only 60G so i decided no to use partian set up (it's already 50% or more pre-occupied by XP pro OS and my friend personal folder. nvidia mother board bios etc.

window 7 is great i love it but my friend doesn't like it though, window 7 not allowed downgrade OS to XP. so i surfed internet and i found this prgram nameEasybcd with quite good user experience ...

After i erased win7 with Easybcd setup help. and re-stated computer. following to result is disply in the monitor.

Window failed to start.A recent hardware or software change might be the cause.To fix the problem:

1. Insert your Window installation disc and restart your computer.
2.Choose your language settings,and then click Next
3.Click Repair your computer

File: \Boot\BCD

Status: 0xc0000001

Info: An error occured while attempting to read the boot configuration data.

If you do not have this disc,contact your system adminstrator or computer manufacturer for assistance

I have tried ( Win7 also XP pro OS in the CD-ROM, RE CD from eo web site download from U-torrent made iso cd both 32bit and 64 bit ) Currently i put the hard driver to my computer to erase the hard driver(wpe out and re-formatting) . yeah i tried make Win-7 RE cd (win7 folder - system32-rve search-recovery cd)valso erased easybcd from that hard ........ all that not worked.

Why is that problem to me though i shoud not install Easybcd?
please provide best knowledge to solve the problem. thank you.
Hi Netzoa, welcome to NST.
When you installed W7, it took over the boot process from XP and replaced the MBR with the W7 version. This MBR will look for "bootmgr" (the W7 boot manager) which you have now removed from the system.
You need to replace the MBR with the XP version which looks for NTLDR (the XP boot manager/loader).
You should have used EasyBCD "uninstall Vista bootloader" before you got rid of W7. That would have returned the boot to a straight XP process allowing you to remove W7 safely.
Now that you can no longer boot the system to use EasyBCD to fix the problem, you need to boot the XP installation CD and do a "repair install" of XP.
This will put the XP boot back in charge without losing the rest of your XP user changes.
Hi netzoa,

Because you have the 7 dvd - there is an easier way.

Boot 7 dvd - windows loads files- select language and keyboard, Next - you get a screen saying Install Now - click where it says "Repair my computer" at the bottom of that screen.

When it has searched for o/s installations, ( if it offers to do startup repair , say No) click Next and select command prompt.

At the prompt, type:

Diskpart {then press enter}

lis vol {then press enter}

make a note of the dvd drive letter

exi {then press enter to exit diskpart}


dvddriveletter:\boot\Bootsect.exe /NT52 ALL /mbr {then press enter}.

Obviously, replace dvdriveletter with the appropriate letter you found from the lis vol command.

That's it.
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wow it's really hard to remove EasyBcd from my hard. After erased Bootmgr, Bootmgr is missing message C+A_D to restart. by the way i wiped out my friend harddrive from my computer. re-installed win XP pro. it takes a while but it could work also aorking okay now though.
It's nothing to do with EasyBCD Netzoa.
EasyBCD just enables you to manipulate the W7/Vista BCD.
You Installed W7, which being newer than XP has to control the boot process (XP can't boot a newer OS).
You can't then just remove W7 without putting XP back in control of the boot first, otherwise, as you found out, nothing is left to boot with.
You didn't need to completely reinstall XP.
A "repair install" would have fixed the XP boot, whilst leaving all your user customization of XP undamaged..