Booting problems with VISTA and Mac OS X 10.4.8


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Hi friends,

i´m emailing you from Almería, in south of Spain. I have Windows Vista Ultimate installed on my computer, and when I installed in another partition of the same hard-disk Mac Os X 10.4.8, when I restart only loads MAC OS X. If I press F8, and I choose boot with Vista, I get an error. It says there is a problem with the boot system of Vista and I must repair it.
I made the partition with the disk utility of Vista, and it´s a primary partition, active, non-formatted, and without any letter associated. Later in the installation menu of MAC OS, I choose that partition and give it MAC OS Plus format (or something like that). And when the installation is over and restarts the system, only loads MAC OS X. What have I done wrong? Must I install first OS, or Vista, or....please can anybody help me!!! I´m getting crazy. Must I use EasyBCD? Where can I find a tutorial? Thankyou for your support.

P.D.: excuse me if my english isn´t good.
Hi cirbic,

Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, and thanks for using EasyBCD! You're English is great, don't worry about a thing!

To get OS X to work with Vista you should first install OS X then Vista or the other way around - it really doesn't matter.

But what does matter is how OS X is installed - and we're not going to discuss that here :smile:

ANyway, what you need to do:
Boot from the Vista DVD. Startup Repair Options -> Repair my startup.

Vista should load - no OS X now!
Install EasyBCD in Vista (if not already installed)
from the add/remove entries screen add an entry for OS X.

You should now have an option to boot eithre OS X or Vista.

Good luck!