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Hello I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop (unsure of the numbers atm) running Vista Premium 32bit. I went to bed last night with the computer running (as I always do, logged in to an online game) with no problems whatsoever. Woke up this morning to a black screen with a white cursor (slightly larger than usual) in the dead center. I could move the cursor around, but nothing else. CAD didn't work to open task manager and holding down the windows button and R didn't work.

I've tried everything, booting in safe mode, etc etc still just the black screen with white cursor. I tried downloading the Vista recovery disk you have on this forum and changed my Bios settings so that it will boot from the disk... it acts like it will (I get the toshiba screen for a second then windows is loading files, etc etc) but still still it always just ends up on the black screen with the white cursor. I never get any options to system restore or anything ; ;

I'm at my wit's end, any suggestions?

Edit: I'm pretty sure that blasted autoupdate (even though i thought I disabled it) tried to update something last night around 3am


of course I only see the downloads for x64 and x86 so maybe that's a problem with my disk that i'm trying to use. Is there a x32 version?
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Hi Laura, welcome to NST.
x86 is the 32 bit version (gets its name from the 80x86 computer chips which have 32 bit architecture).
Do you have access to another PC you can boot the burned ISO download on.
If so, do that to verify that it's OK, and can get into the Vista recovery environment, then we'll know whether it's your laptop which is severely scr*w*d, or just a faulty CD burn.