Booting problems


yesterday I downloaded avira and this morning when I turned the computer on I got this problem:

Der Bootsektor dieser diskette wurde neu erstellt - Microsoft Answers

So I bought and downloaded the neosmart recovery disk for windows 7 64 bits, and tried to start the computer with the disk in it, however there is practically nothing I can do to fix the problem. I haven't got any recovery points or backups, and the automated repair option didn't solve the problem, even though the log says all the tests turned out fine. Does anybody know of a way to:

- start windows succesfully
- save some important files (on a usb pen, for example) I have on the hard drive using only the recovery disk boot

Thank you


(I meant I got the german error message in the web page I linked, nothing after that applies in my case)
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Okay well we dont speak German or know what the error message says so we cant really be of help until you translate it for us.

Since you say that the Recovery Disk cant fix the boot issue then there is no way to start Windows successfully. That was your best shot. So since that didnt work, you outta luck there.

To Save Important files, download and burn Ubuntu or any other LiveCD to disk. Boot to said disk and access your hard drive. Copy the files you want to another media. Then insert your Windows Install Media and reinstall Windows.
Help please

I am doing step 2

When I put in boot sect.exe /nt60 all /force

I get this message bootsect.exe is not recognized an an internal or external command, operable program or batch file

What am I doing wrong. I am using vista. Can't get disk to work