Booting Win XP From External HD


Note: Sorry Mods, I don't mean to monopolize the board here but I have a separate issue with creating a bootable external media.

I'm trying to boot the version of Win XP installed on an old hard drive that used to reside in an old PC. So I used the "Create Bootable External Media" feature to Install BCD on my external hard drive. EasyBCD says it installed the BCD successfully and then I added an entry for XP which, also successful, shows up in the Bootloader.

However, when I reboot directly from the external HD, separate partition from the PC's HD, it starts to load but the little load bar animation will stop and then I see my old friend the BSOD. All necessary boot files seem to reside in the right location (NST folder on the external HD) but it doesn't seem to load. Should I be looking in the Windows\system 32 folder for the boot files and somehow change the bootloader path?
If you're getting a BSOD, its passed the boot process so its something else. Most likely, if its not hooked up via SATA (e-SATA maybe?) its not going to work. MS locks down Windows to run on an internal drive in your computer.