Booting WinXP: NTLDR missing


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I have dual installed Windows 7(rc) and Windows XP. I installed Win7 over XP and that I regret. I noticed this guide where it shows how to uninstall Windows Vista so I thought it wouldnt be different. So I tried and failed. I think it isn't because of Win7, I think it is because I did something wrong.
But this ruined both Windows XP and Windows 7, and now I reinstalled win7 and Win XP does not work. When I installed Windows 7, I chose my other HDD so I can choose to boot between WinXP and Win7. When I book Win7 it's fine, but when I try WinXP it says that "/ntldr" is missing or corrupt. I don't know what I should do really. I'd really like to have WinXP.