Booting With mSSD and SSD

Just purchased a HP laptop with a mSSD and mechanical hard drive. Inter Smart Response Technology was installed to the the 32GB mSSD as a cache for the mechanical hard drive. I replaced the hard drive with a SSD and installed Win 7 but the laptop would not boot all the time. Every other time I had to go to the boot menu and select the network hard drive to boot.

So then I removed the mSSD and again installed Win 7 to the SSD. The boot problem was reduced but still every fourth time or so a message appears to load an operating system on the hard drive. So back to the boot menu and the laptop boots correctly. Sometimes it will boot several time without any problem and then the next time it will fail to boot.

The BIOS does not contain an option to set the SSD as the boot drive and I believe the disk controller is locked to "Raid" because that is what Intel Smart Response Technology requires.

As a possible solution I was thinking of reinstalling the mSSD and then using EasyBCD to boot from the mSSD but point it to the SSD. Does anyone know if then can be done? And can this possibly work?

Thanks for any help!



Mostly Harmless
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Hi Paul,

From your description, I don't see anything that comes in at the software level - everything your describing seems to be at the BIOS level, before any bootloaders come into play?