Booting XP(2), Vista, Linux - all work except Linux


I have 2 SATA drives and one IDE drive. XP (2 copies) are installed on the first partitions of two drives, with Vista installed on the first partition of the other SATA drive. The Vista bootloader sucessfully boots all three - no problem. I installed PCLinuxOS (related to Mandriva) from the latest LiveCD to the 7,8,9 (/ with GRUB,swap,/home) to the same SATA drive Vista lives on.
This is what the Vista Drive manager sees:
(cont) and this is what the EasyBCD Linux sees: (link to pic)
I picked the partition I think GRUB is on (#6 in the EasyBCD list), but when I pick it in the Vista Bootloder, I get the following error:
BootPart 2.6 Bootsector
Bootsector from E.H Hochstetter
Cannot Load From Harddisk
Insert System Disk

I press enter and return to the Vista Bootloader.

What am I doing wrong?


To me, it looks like GRUB wasn't correctly installed to that particular partition. Did you try reinstalling GRUB outside of the PCLinuxOS setup?