Booting XP, Win 7, Ubuntu


first I had two systems runnig, XP and Ubuntu, controlled by Grub. Then I installed Win7, each of them on a separate partition. And of course, Win 7 installed its own bootmanager. That's when EasyBCD comes into play. But it could only handle the two Windows Systems. So at least I found this register where to add Linux, I don't know the exact name, something with Grub, not Grub 2, the other one. I added this - and that's why I'm here. Everything killed. I finally managed to boot Ubuntu, but couldn't repair the two WinSystems. ???




That's right, thank you - I already found that out by myself. But as I have these three systems on my pc, I should be able to boot them. There's an entry about Linux in EasyBCD - which I tried to use - with the results I told you above. Is there possibly a better way to do it? I also tried to reinstall grub with sgd, but receives the error message 15 ( file not found) whatever this means. ???



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Now I've got it, thank you very much!

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lol - it's good to have you hear, Percemon :smile:

You're more than welcome to stick around, share your knowledge, and learn new stuff. We could always do with an extra hand or two!