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Alright putting this here cause i wont have Vista installed so EasyBCD isnt a option.

I am going for a triple boot.


Now how can i do this with the bootloaders easily? Right now i can only boot to Ubuntu. I have to reinstall FreeBSD but i had Vista installed in its place and since then the option to boot XP is gone. But that can be fixed easily with the CD.

So what are my options to boot all 3 easily?
Get XP and Ubuntu dual-booting first. Re-install FreeBSD like you said. If it requires its own version of GRUB Ubuntus' cannot boot (Haven't tried FreeBSD), copy Ubuntu's/XP's entrys from Ubuntu's menu.lst to the menu.lst used by FreeBSD.
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Well sadly i destroyed my Ubuntu install. So have to reinstall that the hard way. Gravy. Just had it the way i liked it to.

I am gonna try PCBSD. After several attempts at trying to install FreeBSD i got no where.
FreeBSD isn't easy to install - many loops and twists and turns. PC-BSD is a cinch, however.

As for the dual-boot: I'd imagine Ubuntu's setup should pick up on PCBSD and link its bootloader automatically. Preferred installation order: XP -> PCBSD -> Ubuntu
Well i am switching things up a bit. I am going to go with XP/Kubuntu/PC-BSD. This way i get used to teh KDE side of NIX.

I will repair the XP Bootloader then follow your steps Mahmoud and see if they work.


Well sadly that didnt work. Installing Kubuntu after PC-BSD took away that bootloader and any chance of booting to that now. Have to go back and install PC-BSD again. Fun wow.
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You don't haft to as long as you can access PC-BSD's partition from Kubuntu to grab the entries from its menu.lst and copy them over....
Kubuntu doesnt recognize the FreeBSD File System. I can see my NTFS but not my FreeBSD stuff. Sadly Kubuntu doesnt automount the drives either. Have to figure that out. Everything is based for Ubuntu not Kubuntu so i have to figure out how to work it for the KDE version. Espically since i use Kubuntu Remix with KDE 4.1.1 not KDE 3. Which makes it harder as well