BootManager Problem.


Hi this is my first Post so my apologies if I don't make sense!
I recently installed Win 7 Home Premium on a seperate hard Drive to my existing Win XP Drive to use as a dual boot system.
The installation was a success except that on booting the boot manager, which showed both o/s with Win 7 highlighted, I was unable
to make any choices with the up/down arrow keys.The only way I could make a choice was to boot in Win 7 then use EasyBCD to choose
the required o/s for a susequent boot before logging off. Any ideas as to why boot manager is not working. Many thanks.Anthony.

Mak 2.0

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This would be an issue with the BIOS not recognizing the keyboard. I am willing to bet that it is a USB Keyboard. You have to check in the BIOS to make sure that USB Legacy is enabled, if I remember correctly, and this should allow your keyboard to work during the boot process to select the OS of choice.


Many thanks for your quick response Mak 2.0. I will check this and let you know the result. My apologies if I have not addressed you correctly.


Hi Mak 2.0,
I enabled the USB Legacy as you instructed and all is well. I really do appreciate your help.
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