Bootmgr image corrupt..


It's probably been done to death on the forums but i still seem to be failing to grasp exactly what its referring to when it says 'Bootmgr image' and what im supposed to be trying to fix x_x

The problem came about when i installed Wubi on my vista home premium 64bit system, but not on the C: drive, on a 1tb datadrive (I: drive) because it had more free space. My C: drive is 3x500gb drives running in raid 5.
The install worked fine, ubuntu ran no issues, but on a reboot it didnt give me a menu to choose an OS. So restarted, and on startup had degraded raid and the corrupt image error. Put the vista dvd in, booted off that and went to repair... got a bluescreen.
On this startup raid is now failed. meh.
The raid cycles between 'failed, not bootable' and 'rebuild, bootable' and that affects what happens each time i boot into the RE. It will hang while searching for installed OS then BSOD again, allow me to go 'next' but not detect my c: drive, and on the rare occasion, pick up my drive and let me access the recovery tools. Im not installing any raid drivers at this point, should i be? lol please forgive any obvious questions..
I've tried the startup repair a few times but it fails to fix the issue.
Tried an offline system restore but it crashed while initialising.
2 chkdsk /r in cmd fixed a bunch of unhappy files. sfc caused a crash. did a /fixmbr and that seemed to accomplish nothing. /fixboot wouldnt work, /scanos and/rebuildbcd crashed also. So i came to the conclusion it was the BCD file. Ended up following the instructions on the neosmart page to completely rebuild the BCD. (My thanks go to whoever made that wonderful page :smile:)That all worked smoothly. But i still have the corrupt bootmgr image error, so what am i missing?

Ok, after re-reading another post (MOOTMGR image is corrupt. (i have followed steps on website) - The NeoSmart Forums) if its got something to do with the c:\bootmgr file (imagine that..) i can delete that easy enough, but i dont have access to the startup repair atm, so is there a cmd prompt that can effectively do what the repair does?
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Ok.. well i've got to the point where i can reach the safemode screen. So Bootmgr image error seems to be fixed for now, but windows still will not boot and safemode hits crcdisk.sys and stops. Alot of the info ive found about this file is old and not of any help. Its not wifi, firewire or a ram issue. Anyone got any ideas? Still cant do a sfc either. Can the vista dvd be used to do a repair install from the RE?
No, it seems to have lost access to the files. It says no restore points have been made but the first time i tried it had a list of them. It's likely ive changed a file it needs if it uses files from system32, i had corrupt files all over the place. That said im starting it from the Shift-f10 cmd prompt in the install option of the vista disk as rstrui.exe /offline:c:\windows because im locked out of the repair options, so it might not be happy doing it.
Ive tried starting startrep.exe from there too but get the inevitable bsod.
sfc works now, it fixed some files for me, the next one found no corrupt files.
The startup repair was returning: NoBootFailure, CorruptBootManager but now cant find anything specific wrong
Vista tries to startup, gets to the loading bar then bluescreens with STOP: 0x0000007b
My raid shows as normal now too, which is wierd.
How do i diagnose what is stopping my computer from starting up?
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It really sounds like your disk is FUBAR'd.

I'd get my Ubuntu live CD out, back up all my important files, format and re-install.

Perhaps even run "chkdsk /r" to verify that the disk itself isn't damaged so this doesn't happen again in the future.
I have run half a dozen chkdsk /f and /r and only found and fixed issues once, after that clean.
This didnt happen because of the disk, this happened because of the ubuntu wubi install.
Yes, i would have done a reinstall a week ago but its a huge, huge headache to reinstall the ton of apps i had and get all the darn settings the same again >_< Mucking around trying to fix it is far easier by comparison.
I considered changing to windows 7 if i do a clean install. Im on Vista 64 now and its never bugged out on me without cause (ie, this) so i dont mind staying with it. I haven't heard much about 7 so just wondering if its a better OS and worth switching to, or more of the same.