"Bootmgr is compressed"


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I have gone through many threads here and I hope I'm going to get some help because I desperately need it!

I have read all the procedures about how to get a recovery disk, bla bla etc. I have Windows 7 32bit and I was trying to compress my C drive to get more space hehe.

My problem: I don't find any recovery disk .iso file. Could anyone give me a link to it? I downloaded thrice from different sites and all I get is a WinRar archive file that consists of 2 folders and a FILE named bootmgr.

I burnt them into a DVD but that doesn't work out. My computer tries to read but nothing is detected. I still keep on getting the error after warm booting. Please help and let me know if you need more info.

It isn't a RAR file.
It's an ISO. If you don't see it as such, it's probably because you're not displaying known files types and WinRAR or similar has grabbed the iso file association.
Set folder options thus and burn the entire download to an ISO with a burning program capable of handling ISO images.
Don't process the download in any way before burning it.