BootMGR is compressed


I accidentally compressed the boot manager on my girlfriend's computer. I bought the Vista Recovery disc from the website and burned it to a DVD+R disc. I inserted it and hit F12 (I'm using an Acer) for Boot Menu. I selected the CDROM to boot first and it didn't work. I then put the Recovery Disc files on to a USB and made it bootable using EasyBCD. I selected the USB (tried all forms of USB ex. USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, USB-CDROM, & USB-HDD) but it still didn't work. Can someone let me know if I'm doing something wrong or if this is a lost cause. Thanks in advance. -Iain

What I'm using:
-Acer Aspire Desktop (Compressed Computer)
-Dell Inspiron Laptop (Helper computer)
-Windows Vista 36-bit on both computers
-Memorex DVD+R disc
-Mercury USB drive
-EasyBCD 2.1.2
-Windows Vista 32 Recovery Disc file (bought and downloaded from neosmart website)
Check that the DVD boots on a different (working) PC. If you see "press any key ....." then it's OK. If not then the burn was not successful.
OK, the DVD is fine, so either your BIOS isn't set to boot CD before HDD (double check), the optical drive is kaput (try another bootable disc like Linux , a partition manager or an old Windows CD to see if they'll boot), or possibly the DVD laser is gone. (try a CD burn instead)
Well I don't want to use a CD or DVD, I'd rather just use a USB. I loaded the disc recovery onto a USB and made it bootable via EasyBCD. When I set BIOS to USB-HDD it came up disc error. Any idea what's happening there?
Can you give some detail how you got the ISO image onto the flashdrive. Is it there as .ISO ?
I downloaded the Windows Recovery Disc. I right clicked on the file and copied it and then went to my USB drive (G: ) and pasted it. It remains an .iso file. I then opened EasyBCD and went to BCD deployment and selected my USB (Partition G: ). I then went to add entry, selected iso under the media. I selected load from memory. Selected the Windows Recovery program (made sure I selected the one on he USB) and then added the entry. I saved it and closed the program. I inserted the USB into the compressed computer and selected the USB-HDD to load first. It then came up disk error. That's what I'm up to now.


I also tried booting a working computer with the USB and got disk error as well.
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I'll leave this for one of the other guys who actually uses ISO images to advise you on what you should be doing, but from my understanding, you are creating a flashdrive which can be selected from the bootmgr menu during a normal boot, which is not the same as creating a bootable drive.
An ISO image is a package of the entire contents of a CD, all it's folders and files, into a single entity, specifically to be burned back into a copy of the original collection of files and folders.
If you look at the DVD you burned, you'll see there's no .ISO
It's now a collection of all the original stuff which was packaged as an ISO and has now been unwrapped into separate files again.
Thats what you should see on your flashdrive, which will also need to be made bootable with EasyBCD.
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