BOOTMGR is mising and creating a bootable usb drive


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I got the BOOTMGR is missing error on Toshbia laptop and after googling around foudn this site. I payed for a recovery disk and when I dowload the file I can't find the iso file. Tried to open as and save as and nothing Winzip keeps trying to open the file.
You have probably allowed Winzip to take ownership of various filetypes, and allowed the MS default of not displaying known file types.
The download is an ISO, and should not be processed by winzip or anything else.
Set your folder options like this so that you can actually see what's on your PC, and burn the downloaded file, exactly as it came, untouched by any other program, using a burning program capable of handling ISOs
W7 can do it natively, Vista cannot. We recommend Imgburn because it's free and it works.