BOOTMGR is missing -- from new Recovery Disk


I have Vista Home Primium and before installing SP1, I wanted to create a Disaster Recovery Disk and back up my system. I downloaded the x86 .ico uTorrent file from NeoSmart and burned it to a CD using ImgBurn all with no issues. However, when I attempt to boot from the CD, I get the BOOTMGR is missing, enter cntl-alt-delete message.

Shouldn't the BOOTMGR be included on the boot sector of the .ico image I just burned to CD? Have others had this issue? I searched on the error message but did not get any hits from other members regarding this message coming from a CD, only from hard drives.

The .iso is basically a hard drive image of the disc, so yes it should be working. If not, then the program you used didn't burn the disc properly.
You need to remember to hit a key when it says "press any key to boot from the CD or DVD...." or else it'll fail to boot from the CD, and depending on your HD configuration, it may fail to boot completely.