Bootmgr is missing (new+complicated)

at first i thought the usual steps with bootrec.exe would fix the issue, but it didnt!, the steps i took to mess my partition up. I am a noobie with easybcd, and I currently had grub showing me windows 7 and a linux distro, because i installed linux after and had the grub incorporated. But then i got tired and i wanted to take it off, so reinstalled vista mbr with easybcd and got only windows, now i wanted linux to show up, so i went to add entry and put linux, without grub or anything, didnt check boot.ini,paths,anything, so i reboot, and now i get bootmgr is missing, and i check partitions with my linux live cd, and the partition appears to be empty or sometimes not even shown! i used cfdisk command and got this: 3 partitions pri/log 155gb= this is supposed to be my windows partition, and it says free space, EMPTY Logical/EXT3 20gb= this is my linux distro partition and primary partition 142gb = this appears to be bootable, which it shouldnt cause is just an extra partition with a bunch of files and info of mine... so i would like to write mbr or rebuild bcd in the 155gb partition, but i cant cause is empty!! I NEVER FORMATTED, WTF!
k i took 8gb of some partition and reinstalled windows again, now i have unevenly partitions in my computers that all appear empty, i have used some recovery partition software and file recovery software, but all they can find is empty partitions, plz help!!! i didnt format anything not even when i installed windows, everything should be good, but is not
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